Dorota furnishes Mateusz’s place

In 2019, we refreshed the formula of the Taste Academy cooking portal. Together with Dorota Szelągowska, we did a total renovation of Mateusz Gessler’s kitchen and worked from there.


The Taste Academy is a cooking/tips portal and one of the main channels for the promotion of Bosch Home. Mateusz Gessler, a well-known and popular chef, has been the media face of the Academy for many years. In 2019, we revamped the website and added an interior design section. Our goal was to boost the sales of Bosch appliances that are not related to cooking, including fridges, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners.



How to reconcile interior design with cooking?

How to get new users and keep the existing ones?

How to create engaging and quality content?


We went for influencer marketing and picked ambassadors for both sections of the Taste Academy. Mateusz Gessler would be still responsible for the cooking section. He was joined by Dorota Szelągowska, a well-known and popular interior designer. In private, they are friends, so we based our campaign on the events from the private life of our stars. We made the absolute most of it. Mateusz Gessler and Dorota Szelągowska had each just purchased a new apartment and were about to furnish them…


At the beginning of the year, we created a new section of the Taste Academy where we showed, step by step, the process of furnishing Mateusz’s kitchen. The content was based on unique materials and videos. We showed Dorota’s design and the final effect at Mateusz’s home. Thanks to an interactive map, everyone was able to have a peek into the chef’s home and see the solutions employed and the appliances picked for him by Dorota.

The next stage was Dorota furnishing her own apartment. During the activation process, she shared the design of her place with the fans and then presented the final result. The whole event was a novelty and a lot of people were talking about it.

We promoted all of the activities through the channels of our influencers. All of the major gossip portals reported on it. Several hundred thousand users followed the furnishing of Mateusz’s and Dorota’s places.



Effects? Together with Dorota and Mateusz, we announced a new, better Taste Academy to the world. Engaging, real-life content attracted users and resulted in them accepting, in a natural way, the new section of the website devoted to interior design.

Organic reach: more than 1 300 000

More than 30 000 reactions under the posts of influencers.

300% increase of the number of Bosch fans on Instagram.

Traffic increase on the website: nearly 35%

2 500 000 sessions in 2019.

Average session length: an increase of nearly 5,5 %.