Let’s go into the unknown

In the middle of the pandemic, we invited travelers on a journey. Together, we went on a truly tasty adventure, promoting various cuisines of the world and showing their amazing tastes and aromas during the “Let’s go into the unknown” campaign for KAMIS seasonings.



During the holiday period, we were to address changes in the eating habits and lifestyles of Poles, helping them recreate cuisines of the world at home. Our campaign was based on the insights of people who missed traveling (when we started, the post-pandemic restrictions were still in force). Our goal was to inspire users to experiment with the whole range of KAMIS products: from herbs and herb mixes, through homogeneous seasonings, mixes of the world’s cuisines, to salad dressings, vinegars, and mustards.


We were responsible for the creation and implementation of a number of media formats and content based on KAMIS recipes and the dedicated materials from a photo shoot we carried out.

The influencers we invited to cooperate presented the destinations they liked. They reported on what they encountered on their travels to countries near and far away:

Matteo Brunetti and Italian cuisine,

Matteo Brunetti i jego kuchnia włoska

Krytyka Kulinarna and Greek specialties

Krytyka Kulinarna oraz greckie specjały

Natalia Kusiak with Asian recipes

Natalia Kusiak z przepisami azjatyckimi

Taste Away and Mexican aromas

Taste Away i meksykańskie aromaty


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