Live #LikeABosch

Characteristic humor, heroes in funny situations, and an encouragement to save natural resources and live a healthy life—all of this can be found in Bosch spots, in which, thanks to unorthodox copywriting, we creatively adapted the stanzas from central ads to the Polish market. The end result? See for yourself!

Live #LikeABosc

In mid-2020, we were invited to take part in a tender for a creative adaptation of Bosch’s new global strategy whose motto is “Live #LikeABosch.” Our ideas for a new communication platform turned out to be the best and the result was three advertising spots for TV and VoD, which had 30-second and 15-second versions. The campaign concerned the most important aspects of our everyday life: healthy cooking and saving water and power, which is possible thanks to Bosch’s technology.

Live in harmony with nature: #LikeABosch

The characters in the video make consumers familiar with Bosch appliances in a funny way, as everyday home situations are shown.

We invited CeZiK, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist with a YouTube reach counted in millions, to do a voice over. He did great, performing the creative texts which we wrote for the ad’s stanzas.

Live healthy: #LikeABosch

The brand’s new communication combines humor in everyday situations with values that are important for modern consumers: ecology, health, and a sustainable life. The final effect was powerful and appreciated by the addresses, who not only hum the verses, but also use the phrase “Like a Bosch” in everyday life! And we? We are getting ready to create more videos!

Cook healthy: #LikeABosch