Teekanne – I feel fruits

Teekanne is undoubtedly one of the most fruity teas on the market. But how to show this in a video? We took up that challenge in the recent campaign carried out for the brand.



The main feature of Teekanne tees is their fruitiness and this was the element we focused on in our concept. That’s how the big idea came to be: I feel fruits!, or a funky hymn to the unique taste of Teekanne. The song was performed by the little kettle that is the symbol of the brand. This performance was seen by viewers in five countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We are happy to report that our kettle did better than the Polish representatives at the Eurovision. Why? Because thanks to it, we managed to beat agencies from the Czech Republic and Austria in the tender for the contract.


Tastiness, play, and fun: these words determined the production techniques we used in the project. In order to show Teekanne’s truly fruity taste, we decided to shoot real fruits. At the same time, we recorded the other elements of the animation, including the main character: the little kettle. But it was post-production that really made the video spectacular. The process of combining all of the elements into a cohesive whole required a lot of patience, but produced amazing effects. Production was carried out by Filmokracja, with Arek Żyłka and Tomasz Niedźwiedź being responsible for directing. Post-production was handled by Badi Badi.