The world upside down

Wondering why this case study is upside down? Good.


October has been officially named the month of fighting breast cancer. November is the month of combating prostate cancer. Always ready to help, this time we decided to go a step farther and on the 26th of November, we flipped the Internet upside down: this symbolic move was intended to make users aware of cancer diagnostics.

The world of a person that learns they have cancer turns upside down. The solution that allows them to find some solid ground is what the Mednavi start-up offers: an educational platform that allows for compiling the necessary information regarding the treatments available to target the specific cancer someone has to battle. The list of treatments is at the same time a list of the medical facilities that offer them. Mednavi facilitates navigating through the fast current of events that follow cancer diagnosis.

Olivier Janik

How did we inform users about the existence of the start-up? Each of us has a close one or friend that has been diagnosed with cancer. When the diagnosis comes, what counts is time. We wanted for as many people as possible to learn about Mednavi, so we decided to flip the Internet upside down for a moment. Turning your profile picture this way was intended to be a symbol of support for those diagnosed with cancer; at the same time, the purpose was to spread the word of Mednavi to as many friends as possible.

The campaign we carried out in social media generated more than 2 100 000 views and inspired celebrities like Krystyna Janda, Olivier Janiak, Marzena Rogalska, and others to take part.

Krystyna Janda
Marzena Rogalska
Natalia Siwiec
Katarzyna Cichopek

They turned their profile pictures upside down and used the #worldisupsidedown and #mednavi hashtags, redirecting others to the Mednavi platform.

Influencers also got involved in the campaign.


An unknown start-up suddenly was talked about a lot.

Portale o mednavi

The campaign increased the number of visits to the website by a whopping 1000 procent. And that’s not our last word…