Can a photo of a cake help? It can, if you share it with others! Together with the Cukier Królewski brand, we helped the Brothers of the Poor Association to organize a Christmas Eve dinner for poor seniors. How? See our spot.


The need for closeness

There are approx. 1.5 million people over the age of 80 in Poland. It is estimated that half of them live alone. They have no one to talk to, they don’t go outside, nobody remembers about them. The goal of the Brothers of the Poor Association is to help seniors who suffer from loneliness. Not just once in a blue moon, but every day.

Making Christmas sweeter

Instead of a typical promotional campaign, we prepared a charity campaign to make Christmas sweeter for all those who normally know only the bitter taste of loneliness.


We encouraged our consumers to share the results of Christmas preparations. All they needed to do was to share a photo of what they baked on Instagram or upload it to a dedicated website. For every photo, Cukier Królewski donated PLN 10 to a charity foundation. Together, we managed to achieve the goal: PLN 50,000!


On the website, we placed a counter that presented the number of uploaded photos in real time. To promote the campaign, we created a Christmas spot.

Communication was carried out mainly in social media. Information and an invitation to take part were also published on the packagings of the Cukier Królewski sugar across Poland.


The campaign was very popular and got viral. The target group appreciated the cohesion between the activities and the nature of the brand, which takes care of and promotes family values. Good comes back. We are now getting ready for another edition of the campaign!