Our clients are our pride. We are here for you. We believe that good cooperation is based on high competences and experience, but long-term cooperation is impossible without excellent communication, positive energy, and human friendship. Our clients appreciate us and stay with us for years, praising us in industry reports and, most importantly, recommending our services.

High on Insignia

Flexibility, understanding of needs, efficiency and full engagement are just some of the features of the Insignia team.

Anna Baranek

Social Media Team Manager, Bank Pekao S.A.

In difficult and unexpected situations, the agency has proven a number of times that it is able to rise to a challenge in an efficient and unorthodox way. 

Michał Wójcik

Marketing Department Director

We can definitely recommend the services of Insignia to anyone interested in efficient and professional advertising of their services, products, or brand.

Emil Margasiński

Vice President of the Management Board for Commerce