Insignia wins a 2022 Forbes Diamond

Just before May started, we received unexpected, but very pleasant news: we have been awarded a Forbes Diamond. It’s an interesting award—not really an industry one. But it does confirm that we are a solid business partner and an attractive employer, which certainly makes us happy!

In this case, based on our annual financial statements, we have been analyzed from a strictly business point of view. We are genuinely surprised, mainly because we didn’t know we were taking part in a contest. This year’s Diamonds are the fourteenth edition; the winners were selected by the Forbes editorial team and by Dun & Bradstreet Poland, a global data supplier. The ranking includes the most dynamically developing companies in Poland: those that, over the last three years, have been increasing their worth most rapidly.

What has been verified and how

The verification covered entities that submitted financial statements to the Polish National Court Register for the years 2016–2020. The Forbes Diamonds ranking includes only those companies that have a positive financial result and a cooperation risk rating higher than 4 according to the Dun & Bradstreet Poland methodology. For this purpose, the analysts used the Swiss method, which combines the assets-based method and the income-based method.

The winning companies were divided into three categories, depending on the revenue on sales in the last financial year: small companies (between PLN 5 and 50 million), medium companies (between PLN 50 and 250 million), and large companies (more than PLN 250 million). The ranking was published divided into the particular provinces of Poland.

With an annual turnover of PLN 15 million, Insignia classifies as a small company in the Małopolskie Province. This year, Forbes awarded 539 Diamonds in the Małopolskie Province—Kraków and the Kraków District are home to 43% of all winners in that Province.

Insignia came 44th on the list of companies with a revenue on sales of between PLN 5 and 50 million, which means that we are leading the pack. What’s worth mentioning is that we are not the only advertising agency among the winners in the Małopolskie Province.

Why the Forbes Diamond makes us so happy

Unexpected awards are always highly satisfying; however, they are a result of hard work that is often done over a long period of time. This was exactly the case here. The award comes from many years of improving our offer and the changes made to our team. It’s a result of fantastic service, an innovative and highly attractive offer, and keeping the promises made to clients. Making sure that we deliver on business predictions made to our clients has built our credibility and a strong position on the market, which translates to a healthy and dynamically developing business.
So, do we feel completely surprised by the award? Risking immodesty, I would say no. And that’s what makes us happy about it!

What this award says about the agency

The award leads to two major conclusions. First, for large partners, who are important for us, stability of the agency is an important aspect that is frequently checked. The award clearly shows that our business is healthy and, what is more, keeps dynamically developing. This means that you can plan to work with us over longer periods, without fearing that quality will decrease or other unexpected problems that affect business come up. We have been trusted by, and have worked for a long time with, really demanding clients, including Pekao SA, McCormick, BSH, tołpa, Bielmar, Symfonia, and many more.
A long-term and partnership-based cooperation is the goal we are after; this is the type of cooperation we have been building with our existing clients, in many cases for years now. Naturally, we encourage new clients to engage in such a cooperation, too.

Our good cooperation with clients is confirmed for instance by the Clients’ Favorite award, which we got from Media&Marketing Poland: read more here (article in Polish)

The other crucial aspect of business stability is our offer on the job market. We are one of the few agencies that, in the last decade, was never late with paying salaries. What is more, during the pandemic, we not only managed to keep everyone on board, but actually recorded the highest headcount increase ever.

To learn more about our work during the pandemic, read the #BadGoodYear 2020 at Insignia text (article in Polish)

This is why I believe that Insignia is a great place to work—not only due to the agency’s stability, but primarily because of the fantastic, experienced, and efficient team, which translates to unique competences that just cannot be acquired at any other agency in Kraków.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all advertising agencies that are on the Forbes list in the Mazowieckie Province: everyone knows that in Warsaw, the number of advertising agencies per square meter is the highest in Poland. Congratulations!

Also, have a look at the full list of winners from the Małopolskie Province: click!

Robert Wieja
Robert Wieja
Managing Director


23 March 2022

Szymon Krzysiak

Szymon Krzysiak

Senior Strategy Planner