Precisely This Taste? For a Christmas Like Always.

For KAMIS, we carried out precisely the campaign we dreamed of, telling a story of precisely the Christmas we like. See for yourself if the result is as it should be.

The research results we received from the Client clearly showed that the Poles want their Christmas to be precisely… the same as last year. And the year before. In other words, the same as always. Why would you change something that is good? For many people, Christmas has a similar taste. If we eat fish, it’s a carp; if the bake a cake, it’s gingerbread. At some homes, there is kutia, elsewhere, you’ll find dried fruit compote. And all of this is delicious thanks to KAMIS seasonings.


This is why the key visual of the entire campaign revolved around the message that “Christmas Like Always has to have Precisely This Taste.” The next stage was converting the KV into promotional materials (including at POS), banners, and posts in social media. In cooperation with PAPAYA Films, we also created advertising spots that were aired before Christmas, both online and on TV.

15′ TV spot

Bumper ads


How could we sum up this six-month cooperation? Agnieszka Witczak, a Senior Brand Manager at Kamis H&S, McCORMICK Polska S.A., says:

“Full professionalism, lots of creative ideas, and a great atmosphere—that’s how I would describe our cooperation with Insignia on this campaign.”

Nothing to add, including seasonings. Bon appetit.