Mokate Cafe Racer

The Mokate whole bean coffee means a powerful aroma and ultimate experiences—and Bogusław Linda became its ambassador. Our task was to present this cooperation to the target group is a refined way, showing Mokate’s offer of whole bean coffees.



In creating the TV spot, we focused on skillfully balancing the roles of the brand’s ambassador and the object of communication: whole bean coffee. We developed a story that happened on a film set, which is a natural environment for Bogusław Linda. The hero wants to drink some aromatic coffee before shooting at night. In the video, he is accompanied by a young barista who serves Mokate coffee to the film set crew. The interactions between them are shown using a characteristic style inspired with the works of Wes Anderson—for the purpose of our production, this style was adapted by Tadeusz Śliwa, a recognized Polish director.


We produced the spot in cooperation with the award-winning Papaya Films production house, which perfectly addressed the challenges resulting from both the ad’s script and the sanitary restrictions applicable to productions of this caliber. In order to make our story truly cinematic, we took care of every detail: from casting, through lighting and location, to the elements of stage design—cohesion in this respect allowed for achieving the assumed end effect. Have a look at the making of, which shows our style of work on TV ads and digital productions.